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What you know about me vs. what you don’t know

Two sets of tracks. acnatta/FlickrI spent most of last night rummaging through the back end of this site trying to see exactly what I’d written. I noticed that there were some 100 posts that had never seen the light of day in various stages of completion. That’s not too bad considering later this month Dre’s Ramblings will have been around in some way, shape or form for six years.

One of them seemed quite timely considering I’d just taken part in the conversation that Amber Naslund references in this post about what she wished more people knew about her. I’ve been known to accept a challenge or two from Amber and the list below (I think it was originally shared on Facebook as a note back in 2009) seemed like a good place to start tackling this latest one – sharing what I wished folks knew about me besides the snippets that appear in their streams from time to time.

I’d almost liken it to thinking you were on one set of tracks only to discover that you’re supposed to be on another one.

It’s not like there hasn’t always been a post available trying this from the early days of the site or a bio over on Urban Conversations to help fill that void. The idea of getting past the “talking points” between people though, no matter how much easier online communication is supposed to make it, is always a challenge.

Here’s an attempt to do just that:

  • According to what I’ve been told, I led a group of fellow pediatric ICU patients in a “Reg-gie” chant during a 1978 World Series game.
  • I consider the South Cove at Battery Park City one of the most peaceful spots in my world.
  • I love to garden. Give me some dirt and I get a chance to escape from the world for a while.
  • I miss being able to bike to work (and almost everywhere).
  • I’ve played the guitar since I was 10; I just don’t practice nearly as much as I used to. It’s a shame since I own two of them.
  • I’m still trying to learn how to play the harmonica.
  • I’d always thought I’d be back in NYC after five years of college. Instead I’ve enjoyed the nearly 18 year journey through the Southeast. Mostly.
  • Despite all of the traveling, I’m still deathly afraid of flying. I keep hoping for a better national train system.
  • I was probably one of the only fans of “Love Monkey” when it was on the air.
  • I miss breakfasts on Sundays at Sweet Leaf Smokery and Eatery (though lunch during the week was pretty good too).
  • I still want to do a cross-country trip in a convertible, just to have the adventures and get a chance to explore.
  • I am deathly afraid of speaking in public. It’s much more comfortable to write.
  • Running is one of my great escapes. I’m looking forward to getting back into it this summer.
  • I never set out to be a technology nerd. It just happened (and I love the lessons learned every day).
  • I once sang “Happy Birthday” to Sandra Bullock while playing a kazoo with friends at a going away party on Tybee Island (and apparently she loved it).
  • I  played pool against Matthew Modine and Patrick Warburton on opening night of the inaugural SCAD Film Festival. Modine beat me and I beat Warburton because he scratched on the last shot.
  • I tend to not like to say the word “no” too often, though I’m learning how to do so.
  • I used to rent movies all the time and then suddenly stopped cold turkey one day. I was really into indie films back then. Want to start again.
  • Traveling out of town is always an excuse for Steak ‘N Shake.
  • I had to change my phone and phone plan soon because more folks are starting to text me (and I didn’t have a texting plan until 2010).
  • The best trip I ever took by myself was to Florida for a Yankees Spring Training game back in 1996.
  • I can be in a room full of people and still feel alone at times.
  • The best trip I ever made to old Yankee Stadium was when I went with my grandmother, sat through a 2-hour rain delay and then stayed for the whole game.
  • Despite all the conversations I have online, nothing means more than a handwritten note.
  • Some folks may not believe that I used to smoke cigars. I still do when an opportunity presents itself.

There’s my list. Now, what’s your list? Or maybe you want to know something else about me?

The floor’s open…


Photo: Two sets of tracks. acnatta/Flickr

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Hi Andre, what a perfect first post for me to read. I feel like to know you better than half my friends right now.

Joe from Livefyre here! Just stopping by to thank you for installing our plugin and welcome you to our team. We do things a little differently at LF, so you can expect our community team to be active participants in celebrating your content and helping to grow your network.

I love getting to know our users on a personal level, so posts like this are really fun for me to read. Plus, I'm a native NY'er, so I fully appreciate how awesome it must've been to watch spring training in '96. Did you drop any Vision Quest lines on Modine? Why don't you bike to work anymore? So many questions.

I'm really looking forward to getting to know you and the rest of your community. If you ever have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact me directly or just email support [at] livefyre [dot] com. Cheers!


This is awesome and I'm inspired to try the same. I'm so glad I met you in a Google Hangout!


Andre - I'm so very glad you wrote this. I learned a ton about you, and there is so much written between the lines here that I sense a very old soul with a big heart. Thanks for putting it out there so that we can glimpse a little more of you than we ordinarily might. :)