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About Dre

Andre's headThis is the online home for the thoughts and ramblings of André Natta (that’s me on the left). I’m a Bronx native (NYC) and currently live in Birmingham, AL after spending a significant period of my short life in Savannah, GA. If you want to know more, this early post covers the basics.

Professionally, I’m an urban conversationalist who contributes to both online and print publications while always looking forward to the next adventure. I maintain a community news and info site about the city called The Terminal. I also serve as digital media producer for WBHM-FM (and the Southern Education Desk) in addition to co-authoring a regular column on diversity and inclusion in journalism for The Poynter Institute. Previously, I’ve written a column for B-Metro Magazine and contributed to Poynter’s Regret the Error blog.

For some reason, folks decided to create a page about me on our local Wiki project, Check it out (a few things have changed).

This blog’s purpose has not really changed that much from it’s inception on Blogger back in July 2005. Here’s a link to the first post. If there is a difference, it’s my approaching it as a true hodgepodge of writings. The idea is to share my thoughts about living in the South in general and Birmingham, AL in particular during the 21st century. It allows me to talk about those things that lead me to enjoy it rather than focusing on the negative. Occasionally comments about national or international events may creep in too. Maybe even some deeper pieces about personal stuff.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.