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Truths that may not set you free

bring the truth to lightI’ll freely admit that I’m simply stealing a great idea from Amber Naslund and C.C. Chapman (BTW – I’ve still got to finally meet C.C. in person – and soon). If you’re going to do it though, this is the one.

I’ve had several thoughts floating around in my head in recent weeks that I believe to be true. It just makes sense to share them with those that decide to frequent this site. They’re in no particular order and hopefully they’ll get you to think about what’s true to you.

Hang on, because here we go:

  1. You’re always learning. If you don’t think you are, you’ve still got a lot to learn.
  2. We know more than we realize we do and to not be afraid to share that knowledge.
  3. Some of the people that you need to disconnect from the most are those that may have helped you the most up until this point.
  4. You shouldn’t let anyone talk you out of loving what you’re passionate about.
  5. The word “no” is a holy and hallowed word. We should learn to use it more often.
  6. Two of the easiest ways to relax for me involve listening to Joshua Redman and cooking.
  7. There is still nothing like a slice of New York-style cheese pizza and a can of orange soda.
  8. Titles aren’t important (even though many continue to try to make them so).
  9. Tending to a garden is a way to lose yourself from this world for long periods of time – blissfully.
  10. A hand written note or a long phone call mean much more than some people realize.
  11. The Terminal‘s pending relaunch should put some fears to rest – and quiet some critics.
  12. I miss the days of driving out to the beach and just being lazy. I need to finally find an equivalent in Birmingham.
  13. Silence is indeed golden.
  14. There is no right way to “do” social media, but there are annoying ways to approach it.
  15. Fear is really giving power to someone else who doesn’t deserve it.
  16. A couple of pints and some intellectual conversation make for a great evening. Those that can’t have disagreements without yelling are missing out on a great opportunity to learn from one another.
  17. Reach out via social media, but don’t forget what the front porch, the lawn at the park or pulling up a couple of seats to the bar can do too.
  18. It can be relaxing to go out for a run, even when no one is chasing you.
  19. I’ve got two cats that believe that they hold the secret to keeping me from doing anything – and I’m grateful for their efforts.
  20. It’s great to know that someone loves you unconditionally – especially when you realize how many folks don’t.

I hope that some of you will share some of yours wherever you feel comfortable. I know it’s been a nice release for me.


Photo: bring the truth to light. gurdonark/Flickr.

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Nanci S.
Nanci S.

#4, 8, 9, 15, 17, and 18 will become affirmations for me this week-thank you very much. #12 may have some substitutes such as Railroad Park, the Cahaba River (any time, location), or the HUGE rock by Brookwood Hospital that I spent many hours on while in college just looking toward the city thinking about all the lives below. #20 everyone is loved by somebody. Never underestimate the power of love, understanding, and compassion sometimes from total strangers always from a higher power! :)