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The Year in Review: July 2006

July started with a bang as we posted images from this year’s Thunder on the Mountain fireworks display.

A time of discovery for all

We then took part in one of the more active days in the city, as many of Birmingham, Alabama’s cultural attractions opened their doors to each other’s members for free, encouraging people to join these fine organizations in the process. We’re hoping that the Day of Discovery becomes an annual event and that more people will take advantage of what there is available.

We also invited people to take a look at some of the other blogs in the region as we talked about the effect they are having on conversations and just how influential it and other social networking has become here in the Magic City.

Discovery was also the theme as we said goodbye to the Moonlight Music Cafe and suggested saying hello to the other musical offerings available in town, whether on CD, airwaves or in venues.

Discovering how you fit into the local picture as a resident was another issue we linked to in this post.

Sunflowers (and lots of them)

We seemed to go a little crazy with the sunflowers; here, here and here. OK, so not really on the last one.

Stressful times for a Birmingham native overseas

We also saw the naming of our new city schools superintendent as we watched as a local was caught in the middle of one of the more tense situations one could imagine; being in Beirut during the recent outbreaks of violence trying to get home. This post attempted to cover both of those stories. We tried our best to provide some access to the e-mails Jay Saxon sent during this period (thanks to some help from the guys at The Daily Princetonian). We were happy when we had the chance to say that he was homeward bound and ready to head off for his next adventure.

Oh yeah,

It was our one year anniversary here at the Ramblings, but no cake 🙁 You also had a chance to meet the official guard cat of the Ramblings too.

One more thing; enjoy this photo of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church sign. Hopefully we’ll see it again soon.

Enjoy the day,


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