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B’ham’s in the News and yes, more sunflowers

Seems in the haste to write Sunday’s piece about music in Birmingham, I forgot to put in one of the links that made me think about the issue in the first place. By now you I’m assuming that some of you have read the online edition of the Washington Post article on Birmingham. If you haven’t, here it is:

(Tuning in to Birmingham, The Washington Post, July 23, 2006)

It’s always nice to know when someone else from the outside is saying good things about the Magic City. The piece was in this past Sunday’s paper, meaning that it was seen by a great many people outside of Birmingham. While it’s great to see things written by us outsiders, it’s interesting to see how locals feel. Kelly Marshall’s got some stuff on her mind and here’s a link to them. It’s a shame that some folks are still being that negative about things going on in town, though it is great to see some of the comments showing the 205 some love.

It’s nice to have you in Birmingham, Kelly.

I was serious about more sunflowers…


The sunflowers currently growing in the Gardens of Park Place have been a pleasant escape for residents not just downtown, but throughout the city during this first part of summer. Click here to view previous one of the previous posts about the event; click here to view the photo gallery. Despite rain this past Saturday, several people, including yours truly, were out getting more color for their homes. I’m waiting to hear from the guys at Jones Valley Urban Farm, but they may decide to invite people to come out again and cut flowers this weekend. There is also word that a similar event could take place this fall. The idea of seeing a sea of color in the midst of urban development is relaxing and encouraging. We’ll let you know what happens.


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