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The Year in Review: March 2006

As spring came in, we decided to do some spring cleaning of our own, making the jump from Blogger to WordPress. The switch became official shortly after St. Patrick’s Day. It allowed us to add some things and take a look at what the site should become.

We tried to make sense of why blogging had become so popular and so sought after by readers with this post.

Additions to the Ramblings layout

The Random Shots series started with this post, focusing on giving my friends a view of where I’d decided to move to. I also decided to hop on the international bandwagon and attempt to complete a 101 in 1001 list. Here’s a post talking about the series, and this will take you to the list itself. I recently had to remind myself that it’s still early on in the process.

Strong opinions from a new leader and a trusted face

One of the most moving events of the year for me was hearing Birmingham Southern College president Dr. David Pollick speak at First United Methodist Church as part of the Lenten series of speakers. He was scheduled to speak before the announcement of the arrest of former BSC students for setting several area churches afire. The words spoken that afternoon influenced this piece at the end of the month. Some of us were also able to pick the brain of the former mayor of Birmingham, Alabama Richard Arrington, Jr. at a meeting of the PARCA Roundtable. Here’s the recap.

When will we be proud of the Magic City?

There was a great deal of talk about upcoming projects in metro Birmingham. There was talk about a master plan for the former Eastwood Mall site, now underway, as well as a council appropriation of funding for Railroad Reservation Park. Things have moved forward, however some are not being as patient as they could be.

We also decided to take a stab at talking about what the city of Birmingham could become and what it is now. Another discussion that took place during the month was one that focused on the present and the future of some of our area’s cultural assets. Checking out the big guy atop Red Mountain and hearing the constant conversations resulting from the impassioned pleas of corporate Birmingham led me to write a post that I am most proud of. While I am still upset that few people have taken me up on taking space on the blog to write how they feel after reading the post, I’m happy to know that there seems to be a stronger movement towards seeing good things happen than ever before and I’m grateful to those that commented.

Other ramblings

Two other posts from the month worth taking a second look at (since some already have):

Little blue signs everywhere
Mt. Laurel revisited

Enjoy the day.


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