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The Year in Review: April 2006

The MySpace effect (still not completely understood)

As tax day approached we took a first look at the phenomenon of MySpace and other social networking websites and their effect on communication among people in Birmingham, Alabama. Recent major projects have developed large groups of “friends” for the cause through these programs, including Red Mountain Park and Catalyst. We’ve even started keeping track of Birmingham-based MySpace pages here at the blog with a ever-growing list of businesses and organizations that continue to impress people with the ability to get the word out quickly and effectively.

Leadership and movement

Transportation made it’s first attempt to once again dominate discussions among people in the metro area as prices were fast approaching (and passing) $3/gallon. We paid tribute to Jane Jacobs, one of the leaders, in this crazy movement known by many names; I just call it rediscovering urban living. We made a point to try to remain focused on the growing need for a movement to begin among young professionals. We also tried to make sure that people were aware that this movement was not limited to those that are younger in age, but those young in spirit and hope as well. It was also interesting that the region continued to have people come in and talk about what it should be doing, including Edsel Ford, Colin Coyne and most recently Governor Riley. They all shared a message of making a difference whenever possible, one we echoed with this post.

On the road

The month began with the Ramblings on the road, visiting Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA and taking in everything that had happened over in the Coastal Empire since moving to Birmingham. The result of a post recounting Betsy’s first game at Grayson Stadium even encouraged a visit to the site by Frank Dinan, the frosty beverageman of the stadium himself. We also made a point of completing one of the first of the 101 in 1001, a quick day trip to Chattanooga, TN.

Two more for you

Two things we did get a chance to talk about as well in April was the Birmingham Bowl, with this recent post showing the result of the efforts put forth by organizers, and our chance to look at a window to our past.

As we get close to the end of the year, I hope you get a chance to look through that window as well, remembering some of those good moments.

Enjoy the day.


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