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Category: Dre’s 101 in 1001

Surviving another lazy Sunday in Birmingham


Yesterday was one of the most beautiful days I’d experienced since I’ve been in Birmingham… and I almost missed it. I spent the majority of the day beginning what seems to be the never ending task of cleaning the loft, skipping what many would believe to be required activities on Sunday morning; church and Sunday School. I ended up skipping most of my planned activities attempting to clean up my escape hatch in life, my home. Betsy decided that I had to leave the house before driving her crazy, so I went to one of our mega bookstores. I ended up running into my organization’s board chair at said store, who basically reiterated the fact that I should enjoy the day instead of being cooped up inside. This may have been due to the aimless wandering that I was apparently doing through the bookstore.

I ended up getting in the car with two magazines, including a premier issue of one entitled Good (a very interesting read and one that may get referenced more often in the coming months), I just decided it wasn’t time to go home yet. I got lost in Mountain Brook (which is still not really that hard to do for me) and found my way to the Clumpie’s. Then I decided to work on one of the 101 in 1001 that I had not in a long time.