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Dre’s Ramblings: A look back so far after a break (and Boomer)

It’s been a fairly boring week here. Boring yet incredibly relaxing. I was allowed to read information on my desktop at specified times, but any attempts to post an entry or answer e-mails when not allowed was met with a ferocious guard cat blocking access to either of the computers in the loft. It was also tough to leave the loft unless Bets was here to distract him. I was able to snap a picture of said guard cat this morning; it seems he’s been upset that I hadn’t posted a picture of him earlier:


Boomer’s now about six years old. He wandered into my life when he was about 7 months old. He seems to have enjoyed hanging out with me to this point. He did let me wander the internet at times this week, allowing me to decide just how I wanted to treat this site as I approach making posts for a year at the end of the month. There are several people blogging now that were not when I started. There are also a lot more people reading this one than there was when I started (to which I say welcome, thanks and let’s hope I don’t scare you off any time soon). For the newer readers, here are some earlier posts for you to look at. There are others and ones with images, but these are ones that were fun to write.

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Needless to say now that Boomer’s picture has been posted, I’ve been allowed to begin posting again. The plan is to expand the Neon series (click here to view the most recent post) and use it as a way to look at Birmingham’s past (I am a historian after all). focus more on the things that make the city unique, and see if we can’t get some folks to talk about their city occasionally. We’ll see what happens starting tomorrow.


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