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Laughter’s great medicine… and the Fem Debs delivered it on Saturday


The vacation is over, and some fun was had. Check out yesterday’s post to see the ferocious animal that helped keep me from blogging over the past week. When Boomer did let me out of the house, much laughing ensued, including laughs at this past Saturday’s Feminist Debutante Guild show at WorkPlay (and yes, this is their MySpace page, a la our continuing focus here to point out the online revolution taking place). Christmas in July was quite funny with puppets, spit takes, visitors from California, spit takes… (you get the idea).

Our own local scene, with regular performances around town including Fresh Ground Comics at Safari Cup Coffee and the national and regional acts being booked at the Bottletree Café and Lounge, should keep us rolling in the aisles for some time to come. And those are merely the ones that are being spoken of the most nowadays. It’s definitely a great way to unwind from our fast paced world, with imposed deadlines and rushing from one place to another.

I do have some pictures available from the show in this gallery. Hopefully the Fem Debs will not take so long between shows in the future.

BTW, I’ve also added a couple of new things here on the site. Right click here to subscribe to my new RSS feed. You may also click on the link to your right that allows for subscribing to an e-mail feed of the site. Considering I hate being spammed or sent crazy messages, the only reason your e-mail would be used would be if I wanted to warn you of another vacation from posting, or something else along those lines. And you can always e-mail me some story ideas or suggestions for neon signs and the like.

Take your pick. We’ll see you tomorrow.


P.S. Don’t forget about keeping the searches for Lori and the Martin family relevant.

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