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The Ticker: Jay’s homebound, Buck’s still swinging, the beat keeps going and a book to read

First steps to safety…

Sunday evening we posted about Jay Saxon and his efforts to evacuate Lebanon after fighting escalated in recent weeks. Jay’s mother sent an e-mail yesterday informing us that he was beginning a journey on a freighter out of the conflict area. The Birmingham News reports on the latest in this morning’s edition. I’m sure that John, Betsy and Jay appreciate all of those thoughts and best wishes at this time.

(Birmingham’s Saxon leaves Lebanon on freighter, The Birmingham News, 7.19.2006)

Negro Leagues legend becomes oldest player ever in pro baseball

Apparently you need to find a gimmick nowadays to convince the guys who vote for inductees into Cooperstown. Despite all that Buck O’Neil has done for the game, both on and off the field, he can’t seem to convince people that he belongs in baseball’s Hall of Fame. Hopefully the veteran’s committee will change that in the near future. He’s deserving of the same honor that other Negro League greats receive. Check out the official website for the Negro Leagues Baseball Players Association to learn more about this part of American sports history. Though you never know, he may still have enough in him for one more monster swing… maybe. He definitely tried to show he did at a recent All-Star Game.

(At the old ballgame: At 94, O’Neil plays in Northern League All-Star Game,, 7.18.2006)

Events of note:

Just in case you’ve forgotten, Movies by Moonlight is tomorrow!

drumline_poster2.jpgClick here to view the post talking about all of the fun stuff happening tomorrow night for Movies by Moonlight, beginning at 6 p.m. in Linn Park. The important part of the evening is that Drum Line is the feature film. But check out the details anyway. There should be some ice cream and frozen coffee that’ll help keep you cool during this brutal heat wave we’re in the middle of in addition to the normal offerings from John’s City Diner.

And before you set up your chairs for the movie…

Historic Photos of Birmingham is a new book released with text and captions written by the Birmingham Public Library’s archivist, James Baggett. I first learned about it on Charles Buchanan’s new blog, Pop Goes the City. Charles’ prints can be found throughout the city and one of them is serving as the official logo for this year’s Artwalk, taking place in September (You see the print used as the background of the home page). Well Charles, you’ll be happy to know that James is doing a book signing Thursday evening beginning at 4:30 p.m. in the downtown branch’s 4th Floor Boardroom. Baggett will also be making comments about the book at that time. And it will be done in plenty of time to find a good seat for the movie.

More later,


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