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The Ticker: An update on Jay Saxon

Good morning everyone:

To those that don’t normally venture onto the Ramblings, welcome. I’ve posted twice in the past few days about the son of fellow Sunday School class members here in Birmingham. Here’s a link to the information posted this morning. Below you will find links to three mass e-mails sent by Jay Saxon from Lebanon in recent days. These postings are available on a blog (In the Crossfire: Princetonians in the Mideast) set up by The Daily Princetonian in Princeton, NJ to provide students and web surfers another view of things happening in the region.

According to his mother, he is in Cyprus waiting to return to Budapest. He should be returning to the Magic City in August.

That’s all for now,


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  1. […] I went on about an hour after Jay Saxon did (I will say that I’m convinced that Jay is one of those “adventure follows me everywhere” people…) and his appearance made me a little more relaxed about mine. For those that didn’t know, Jay was the “local Birmingham resident” in the midst of the devastation caused by the natural disaster that struck Myanmar recently. He’s also someone who previously appeared on this site as we followed his adventures in Beirut almost two year…. […]