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Expanding Birmingham’s foodie experience

There’s been a lot of dreaming on the brain recently – including finding ways to shut out the noise from folks who find a reason to shoot down ideas. I figured why not add one more idea to the pile already floating out there for projects – in this case one for a farmers market near Railroad Park that would take advantage of one of Birmingham, AL’s top assets – its foodie culture.

Flying over dreams

Today turned out to be an excellent day to take a quick spin over the Magic City and the surrounding area via helicopter (yes, I said spin). It gave me a chance to gain a new level of appreciation for Birmingham, AL as well as a chance to gain an incredible level of respect for those medical professionals that serve on those aircraft around the world.

Walking amidst the dream

The exploration bug has bitten me again, leading me to start to look at exactly what else I haven’t been exploring in recent months. The images from Railroad Park and W.C. Patton Park were too cool to not write about while also asking exactly how much folks truly know about their own cities (no matter how long they’ve lived there).