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The Year in Review: September 2006

Showing some life in the city center

The Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival and Artwalk 2006 made people aware of the level of traffic that could one day be visible on a consistent basis sometime soon. This image from Artwalk gives the best example of what it could be like. We put together a list of the movies that were taking part in Sidewalk’s competition, something we’re looking forward to either doing again next year or seeing the organization take on.

Looking back

Bets and I moved here on Artwalk weekend in 2004, meaning it was time to be somewhat reflective on how things are going here in the Magic City. We also got reminiscent about what happened to our nation five years ago along the eastern seaboard.

Man or Astroman? Decided to make Birmingham, Alabama one of two locations for a “reunion tour” this September. The show at Bottletree was a lot of fun; weird since I remember unloading them in Savannah 12 years ago for their SCAD show, but fun. Artwalk provided a larger showcase for Urban Reversi, celebrating its second year the following week with a trip to New York.

And it’s still my kind of town… to a point

A good portion of the month was spent talking about my hometown. There are about four or five posts related to New York from the fall. Here’s one of the first ones I did. There are more, but it makes more sense to move through the week and find them than for me to post them here.

Can the music stay alive?

Catalyst announced their support of City Stages’ plan to raise $1 million to eliminate its debt and provide a base for its future. The conversation also seems to include making suggestions for how to improve the festival. Many will be watching this summer to see what will happen.

We’ll see if we can’t get the rest of the year up during the course of the day.

Happy New Year!


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