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Urban Reversi… Take One


Yesterday’s early post included information about the Urban Reversi game being played throughout the Artwalk site and the City Center of Birmingham today. The images above are of the two teams that took part in the first game this morning.

If you’re interested in seeing how the game’s played, there may still be time left to come downtown and see firsthand as an afternoon game is played (enjoying the art of Artwalk as well). You may also click here to see the game in progress.

We’re in the process of postings images from this morning to the Flickr account. You may also want to check out the Urban Reversi group on Flickr as the pictures from the morning game are posted (they’ll be posted there as well).

Don’t forget Brooklyn, you’re next, with a game demonstration set for next Saturday in Williamsburg. You may even see me attempt to come home to the Big Apple to get in on the fun. If you can’t make it to New York or downtown Birmingham today (and if I can’t find a cheap flight), there’s always the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival later on this month.

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