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The Year in Review: December 2006

It’s been an eventful year to say the least; it seemed to save it’s most unlikely storyline for the end of the year…

The Radio Carousel continued

After the loss of the alternative radio station for a sports talk station, we lost the area’s gospel station as a conglomerate felt that the best way to answer the hopes and dreams of one listener group was to shun another. When it was all said and done, the main issue here is not race, religion, or doing what could be called morally correct in providing a true local voice for music, no matter what the genre. If that were the case, many of these changes (save maybe the initial loss of the X) would not have happened. Instead, it was largely about money. We’ve already mentioned what could be the immediate future of this situation here. Here are some more links about the issue from December:

Reflections on the fan’s reflections on the radio carousel
The Ticker: The latest on “The Vulcan”…
Lift every voice: FM gospel supporters gather…
The Ticker: Help our youth, “Yea, Reg!”…

The situation at Sidewalk got heated. We shared our thoughts on turning up the fire too much on something that serves as an asset.

The post (to me) of 2006

This post meant more to me this year than any other, and it only occurred this month. I only wish that we all felt the calling to do this more often. It also reminded me how much fun carrying a camera has been this past year as I can save these images for a lifetime.

We’re through (until the next time we post)

I’m sure that many of you are heading out for the New Year, (if you haven’t already celebrated where you are). Sometime in the next 24 hours, we’ll share some thoughts for the coming year. I hope that all of you get to enjoy the end of this year comfortably and safely.

Happy New Year!


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