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Social media and church

FYI – in the coming days, I’ll be backlogging some posts from recent months as I get back into posting on the Ramblings, so you may want to check back often…

An open house downtown A grassroots effort at First United Methodist Church (where I am a member) has resulted in the creation of a new mid-week service called Open House. The service is one of prayer, meditation and reflection. It’s also one that’s aimed at welcoming in folks that work in Birmingham’s city center and downtown’s full time residents (primarily referred to here in the city as loft dwellers).

The best part for me is the fact that I get to enter the church through its beautiful front doors. The building is a gorgeous Romanesque Revival structure and while its doors are simple, it’s a powerful thing to be able to walk in off of one of the main north-south streets (just down the block from City Hall and the Federal Courthouse complex). I’ve only entered the main sanctuary through these doors once for a Sunday service before the beginning of Open House.

The other cool thing is that I get to share something I’m still learning in hopes that it will be of long term benefit to the church – a working knowledge of social media.