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Shade in the driveway (eventually)

Crepe myrtle in the driveFor most folks, the sight of buds on crepe myrtles wouldn’t be that exciting (though it’s a sure sign that spring’s sprung). It’s a little different in my case though this year.

That’s because I spent the better part of a Saturday late last fall transplanting two large crepe myrtles into the driveway. They were joined by three smaller ones a couple of months ago. I was able to put another one in the back yard. It means they all “caught” and shade will soon exist along the side of the house that faces the northwest.

Well, “soon” is in the eye of the beholder.

Considering how quickly this type of crepe myrtle is supposed to grow, we’ll most likely see a noticeable result by this time next year. The photo included here is from back in mid-March, and I’m sure at some point I’ll consider using the hand tiller to add some leaves and some compost to make it a little easier for them to stretch their roots out and enjoy their new location.

Patience is still a virtue

Something you’ve got to be willing to do is put the work in even if you don’t know if you’ll ever get to fully enjoy the fruits of your labor. It’s been suggested that we approach life as taking care of the planet for the next generation. Someone will benefit from what you’ve done, even if it isn’t readily apparent.

It’s also assumed nowadays that we’re more impatient than ever. If it can’t be fixed within two days, we probably don’t want to hear about how or why waiting may be worth it. People are quick to walk away from problems without necessarily attempting to tackle them head on so they don’t happen again.

There are times when it’s wiser to walk than it is to keep fighting, even if it’s viewed by others as being weak. It’s knowing you’ll be able to stop by one day and see if those roots have been given the chance to do their thing that should help you make your decision.

Sunday I got a chance to feel like I finished something – something that had an impact on others even if they didn’t realize it right now. I can thank all of those days playing in the dirt and learning to appreciate patience for getting a chance to enjoy that feeling again.

It makes it easier to lay the groundwork for the next thing. I’ve been asking for patience for a while. Maybe being selfish about finally wanting to feel like I’d accomplished something helped me hang around long enough to see it?

Perhaps I only needed to finally realize how it was showing up?


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