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Sealing up cracks

The idea of simple home fixes for drafts should have come up before now for me.

Sealing-up-cracksYou’d think it’d be easy enough, especially considering how many places I’ve lived. The oldest was a garden apartment on the edge of the historic and Victorian districts in Savannah, GA (c. 1870); the newest place was the former “Downtowner Motor Lodge” known to many SCAD grads of a certain era as O-House (c. 1985) during my freshman year of college.

I vaguely remember my mother putting plastic over the windows in the living room of our 17th floor apartment at Fordham Hill in The Bronx (built 1950) for years. It never really mattered to me since the building did (and still) works on a steam furnace that sort of negated the draft since we couldn’t control when it was turned on or off.

The American foursquare we’re currently renting has finally led me to apply some of those lessons learned from my historic preservation classes in college. This includes being willing to fill in the gaps from time to time.

I’ve become a bit of an expert recently with regards to filling gaps:

There are other solutions that could be useful down the road:

Some solutions are easier than others. Some would involve determining if we’d actually be able to buy the house (hence the asterisks next to them).

Part of tackling the problem is deciding exactly which solution works best for you at that time, as the right one may end up being just one fix or a combination of several.

It’s similar to tackling the world of tips, rules and plans. I’ve decided that they should all really be called guidelines; they can help lead someone to a solid conclusion in the end, but some of the ones offered up may not necessarily be right for you. The advice offered could be a good starting point for t hose looking for help in figuring out how to tackle a problem.

It’s something I’ve been considering a lot as I prepare to tackle daily blog posts for the first time in a couple of years. I’d let so many people tell me what I was doing wrong or right I forgot why I’d attempted to tackle this project in the first place what seems like years ago – to have a conversation, share and learn.

Maybe as I get back to rambling it won’t be so necessary to have to get validation from the “in” crowd to know I’m doing what’s best for me. The fun part will be figuring out just what to offer up as advice or suggestions for best practices.

By the way – what helps you tackle your task without worrying about everybody else?


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