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It’s suddenly a busy winter…

I never got a chance to finish the #reverb10 series, though I still intend to do so (despite it appearing to become a little repetitive in the end). Head’s up – when I do, I’ll be posting all of them at once…

Busy travel week. david.orban/FlickrOne of the things I talked about when handling the prompts from that series was how I wanted to focus on writing more and being taken more seriously locally than I feel I have been. It also meant finding new ways to focus without distractions and the petty games that seem to always surround us.

I’d made up my mind that it meant that I’d be resigning myself to hiding out around town and getting ready to do bigger and better things. Then, I got this email from David Cohn (over at Spot.Us) and I was suddenly served up a very different start to 2011.

Now I’ve been led to start doing homework for what will be an interesting set of conferences these first four months.

It starts off here in Birmingham as I facilitate an intro to blogging session at FoodBlogSouth on January 22 at Woodrow Hall. There’s a pretty incredible lineup for the event and I’m looking forward to it (and the chance to completely revamp how I approach presentations – including a little help from my online friends in advance).

It then stays quiet until April – or at least that’s how it’s going to look to most people.

The personal goal is to be able to be crossing the Cooper River Bridge in Charleston at the beginning of the month. I’ll have also celebrated four years of operating The Terminal (which in itself can be seen as a good or bad thing – heh). I’ll also get a chance to meet the folks that David has pulled together for a roundtable to take place out at the Reynolds Journalism Institute in Missouri (based on this lovely document that the folks from the Knight Commission on Rethinking Public Media). We’ll get to share our thoughts in advance via the Blog Carnival of Journalism.

Sometime before the middle of April I’ll also get a chance to present at this year’s WordCamp Atlanta on using the software as a platform for a community news site.

Then there’s that whole Jaycees thing.

There may be other opportunities that pop up between now and then, but I’m excited for the ones that I’m getting this year. At the very least, it gives me a chance to share what I know while also getting a chance to learn from and meet others.

I’d love to know what’s keeping all of you busy this winter if you’ve got a moment


Photo: Busy travel week. david.orban/Flickr

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