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Random Shots: Enjoying the view

Enjoying the view. acnatta/Flickr
Boomer and Ed have enjoyed some pretty cool views over the years, especially since they’ve been living in Birmingham, AL.

When we first got here, they enjoyed checking out Vulcan and the City Federal sign from window ledges in the loft. Then they got to enjoy trains passing under the windows near Morris Avenue.

Their current view out one of the windows on the rear of the house is a back yard that may see some attention in the coming weeks so it may be used a little more than it currently is. I’m thinking they were wondering more about the birds just out of reach or the fact that I was had one of those silly machines pointed towards them again (only it didn’t flash this time)…

Or they’re just plotting to take over the world.

Photo: Enjoying the view. acnatta/Flickr

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