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Random Shots: I don’t want to miss a thing…

Interior of Downtown Presbyterian Church. acnatta/FlickrEven though that’s essentially impossible, it’s still nice to hope for. Last weekend I was able to head up to Tennessee for BarCamp Nashville as well as the National Preservation Conference. I ended up writing two posts for Urban Conversations about the ability to attend the conference virtually versus doing it in person and the benefits of the physical interaction (even though the virtual is a lot of fun and can lead to some great conversations in their own right).

That said, I’m most grateful for the chance to take this photo during my trip. Yes, there were video streams of sessions taking place in the Downtown Presbyterian Church, but the ability to see its sanctuary up close and personal was something that I really appreciated. Not to mention the other photos and experiences I was able to take away from my first real trip to Nashville (which is inspiring yet another Urban Conversations post this week).

Ironically, today there was a post written by Sean Duffy of Brand Rants that sums up just how great going to conferences can be. Mack Collier’s take on his site today also reminds me why I enjoy going to all of these offline events as much as I do.

What do you think?

Photo: Interior of Downtown Presbyterian Church. acnatta/Flickr.

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