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And so we begin again…

I have definitely changed in the last year. I’ve gone from wearing ties and sitting in an office to wearing jeans & t-shirts and sitting in coffee houses. I know more about Birmingham, England than I ever did before, though I have learned a great deal about the city that I currently call home. There are a lot of people that know of me and what I write, though I wish I knew more about them and why they’re drawn to my words. I wear facial hair with less frequency and my cats have finally figured out that I don’t necessarily go out early in the morning and they’ve given up trying to chase me out of the house.

The days of making 3-4 daily posts to the predecessor of this blog seem to be long gone, replaced with links and comments providing a window into life in Birmingham, AL. Interestingly enough, there are more people that assume that they know me now because I had opened a door into my life and my mind through the words I share in the worldwide network. Many of those are folks who knew me as a person before I started writing my blog, and they’ve decided that because of that they feel that they know what I’m thinking and all about my emotions at any time. Opening the door doesn’t necessarily mean that I’ve let them in completely; it’s something that I wished that more discovered.

That was the original intention though. It was not about being considered a person that was starting a movement or to meet and get to know who’d write back, but simply to give folks a taste of what made me tick. I’m extremely grateful for the results of this expanded online journal. I’ve kept saying that I intended to return to a daily entry, yet I haven’t found or made time to do it, until now.

I decided nearly a year ago that I wanted to take a leap of faith, emboldened by the reminder I received last November that life was precious and short and to take advantage of ever y opportunity. I’ve read posts from others that seem to be in the same situation that I’m in. You become enveloped into something that you believe in, and in time you seem to not have time to enjoy the medium at all. The Terminal is receiving accolades from people that seem to want to know what’s going on and what they can do, but the level of communication I’d hoped for has not materialized (at least, not yet).

It’s not so much of a loss of focus; it’s the issue of trying to use this as a tool to engage people. I have not written a post here on a regular basis since sometime in March. I know though that I am much more comfortable in my writing than I’ve ever been. The ability to meet folks from all over the world thanks to this tool that seems to flattening and shrink our existence is one thing that I have not been able to take full advantage of for some time. So how do you regain that edge? How can I re-engage?

It is my intention to continue to do The Terminal as long as finances allow me to. But I wrote Dre’s Ramblings for me and those that thought that this life was worth following. I hope that I can get back to sharing more about me with you. It seems that many seem more interested in that that they are about what’s going on around them in general. Maybe it’s a result of the “me-me-me” mentality we seem to be surrounded by. I’m still writing all about me after all (mainly so I don’t forget anything down the road).

We have a lot to catch up on, edits to make to the layout and a lot of new people to get acquainted to how this site’s supposed to work… I suppose I need to get busy?


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