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A now a break from the norm

I’ll go ahead and post the one that I really wanted to do to get this thing started again later on today. But first, since I do occasionally need a place to write that doesn’t involve the day to day of running a new business, I figured I’d share a response I just posted to Alabama Pundit after I linked to an excellent piece about the financial repercussions of a dome stadium. I just sent him an email saying that, but I guess my job is supposed to be screaming at the top of my lungs that one side is right and the other is wrong.

I still don’t believe that’s my job. This is what I wrote in response to his post:

I’m happy that you’ve stumbled across The Terminal. Hopefully you’ll come back and see that we’re not as you think we are…

Just wanted to clear up a couple of things though…

While most of the posts are currently written by me, there are several others that work on this site and we’re always looking for more contributors. I’m hoping to get a staff page up soon so that they can get the recognition that they deserve.

The other thing is that the best part about being a blogger without an opinion (at least on the front page) is the fact that people can draw their own conclusions.

I’m sorry that you think that I run I linked to it for the same reason I linked to yours – to offer people a taste of what’s being said out there.

I have enough fun running The Terminal and my own personal blog, Dre’s Ramblings, to have time to run or start a third, especially since a check of the URL ownership on GoDaddy shows that it’s owned by a Brandon Morgado in Sterrett, Alabama. His phone number and email address are listed in his domain listing at if you’d like to check.

If you’d like to see my contact infomration, you may want to check out my site’s contact page:

Those who know me know that I’m one that likes to give the benefit of the doubt, whether I agree with them or not. The Terminal’s there to get folks to think about what’s going on.

My actual thoughts can be found in our my Birmingham editorial section and on the Ramblings (though it’s been a little quiet recently). I don’t stir the pot for several reasons.

Thanks again for checking out the site. Enjoy the ride!

Thursday, December 6, 2007 2:21:16 PM CST

So what have I learned since starting up a website as a business. That sometimes people will make rather harsh assumptions about just what you believe without really taking a good hard look at your entire body of work. That’s a shame, though I’ve realized that I need to make sure that folks know about all that I’ve written in the past.

Keep an eye out for some new changes and a real return to posting on a regular basis. If nothing else, I’ve been reminded that I can’t let anyone else talk for me but me.


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