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Bottletree and Skybucket want you to support local talent this weekend

James Madison University is the next long break on this journey. Or I should say the Panera Bread near JMU. I’m realizing that I can’t drive long distances anymore. It’s a good excuse to stop, eat lunch and read e-mails, leading to this rare second post of the day (for this week anyway).

If you find a chance, go out and support local talent in the Magic City this weekend at Bottletree. These images pretty much say it all:



Of course, you can always visit their websites for additional information.

They also have their MySpace pages linked to here. I wish I could be there, but I’m sure that someone else will pack the house tonight and Saturday.
But don’t forget, there’s still some time before tonight’s show to check out the event from this morning’s post.

The drive continues shortly…

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