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A tribute to four little girls this evening

This morning your neighborhood blogger is rested after going through a little swerving last night (realizing that with the time zone change sleep would be a good thing). We’re on the road to New York today, for a few activities; mainly to see family and friends. More on that over the course of the weekend. But right now after a quick breakfast in Abingdon, VA, we’re getting ready to go the rest of the way up to the Big Apple. But first…
If I was able to be in the Magic City today, it would be extremely difficult to do all that is available. Rumor is that the symphony orchestra is beginning it’s season this weekend. Art on the Rocks should be hopping due to the cool weather.

There is one thing I would have enjoyed doing this evening, though it is for an unfortunate reason that people are gathering:

Sixteenth Street Baptist plans memorial tonight, The Birmingham News, September 15, 2006

The church has scaffolding where its distinctive neon sign would be, and it is in the midst of a mutli-million dollar renovation, but it will remember one of its places in history this evening. Hopefully many people in the region will take a moment and remember what happened here, its place in civil and human rights history and about the future. Not to mention thoughts on the region, we’ve got that too. Been pretty opinionated recently I guess. 🙂 Since this is what I’ve written about one of the issues represented by this building and this event nowadays.

Enjoy the day, take some time to relax and remember.


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