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Blogging from NYC, with games galore in Brooklyn

The idea of taking a vacation, for whatever reason, still does not appeal to me greatly (though the more I’m talking with others, the more I’m realizing they need to happen with more frequency). So why be surprised that I’m blogging from my home in the Bronx.

I bet you’re also wondering just what exactly can he possibly talk about today, when he’s no where near the Magic City. Well…


apparently, Curtis Palmer of TechBirmingham and members of the UAB Game Development team aren’t home either. They’re up here taking part in Conflux, a conference that provides an opportunity to take a closer look at cities, in Brooklyn today. They’re running Urban Reversi in Williamsburg today, beginning at 12 p.m., EDT, (meaning that the game started approximately 30 minutes ago. This is the game that we wrote about this time last week that recently received financial support from a grant awarded to TechBirmingham and Catalyst.

Those in town may want to go and check out the game until 5 p.m. local time today; the starting point is the McCaig-Welles Gallery, 129 Roebling Street. Or click here and view the game in progress (after scrolling down the screen.) The conference runs through tomorrow, but today, there will be several people learning about what the Magic City has to offer. I hope they do a good job (hopefully I’ll see them later on today). Click here to learn more about today’s game. Williamsburg alone should mean that the group will be taking back some great ideas about things they want in Birmingham. They’ll also probably have some additional changes made to the game when it’s run during the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival next weekend.

You may also be interested in today’s Birmingham News, as they published a story about plans for Ruffner Mountain. The board, including myself, are extremely excited about the possibility of seeing these fine institutions associated with our center’s expansion plans.

2 schools eye Ruffner land for new facilities, The Birmingham News, Spetember 16, 2006.

While the visit is more for family, I’ve already been ordered to look at it as an opportunity for relaxation, something that I have not been able to do in recent months. I’ll see what I can do about images later on today or tomorrow.

Enjoy the day,


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