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Twelve bloggers are sitting in a Panera…

Curtis' picture of the bloggers

No, it’s not the beginning of a joke. Twelve bloggers from the Birmingham blogosphere are currently sitting around in the Panera Bread in Vestavia Hills talking about some of the issues facing us as we become a more noticeable group. We were mainly talking about the possibility of doing hyperlocal content for We’re all having a pretty good time. We’ll write some more about this a little later this evening.

And tomorrow, we’ll compare the Magic City to the country’s Second City – Chicago!


P.S. Thanks to Curtis for the use of this picture. Click here to view his Flickr group.

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  1. […] I should say something about the blogger get together that happened this past Wednesday night in Vestavia. I have quotes and everything. But I’m not going to, because I feel stupid having quotes when Wade didn’t even open up his notebook. And Skillzy and Dre already wrote it up better, anyway. […]