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B’ham bloggers get together for a talk


For those awaiting a second post last night, I apologize. Ever since I’ve gone cold turkey on caffeine, my body picks some of the weirdest times to pass out, even when I think I’m going to go on working for a while. Visitors last night saw a quick post talking about the discussion at the first Birmingham area blogger meet up that I’ve attended. For a list of links to those who attended and some other perspectives, click here to visit Hard Times. Many of them already knew each other as they’ve been doing this a lot longer than I have; some even changed plans to be able to attend.

I had a lot of fun last night, as I’d had conversations with some of them online, but could not put a face with a name with some people. While it’s great to get some feedback on what you write, it’s even better to talk with them in person. It’s also great to hear some ideas for increasing readership or for some technical support. Some of our talking looked at what we could do as a group more often, whether it is lunch or meeting up after work (something that I think would be a lot of fun).


Matt at called the meeting in part to discuss what would need to be done to encourage community blogging. I really didn’t have a comment last night, but after sleeping on it I’d say that maybe one of the reasons people read blogs is because of the personality of the writer. Perhaps the idea of creating links to posts that speak more on community issues is the way to go. Most readers now know that they are getting a particular view, whether the editorial style of the board of a paper or the immediate perceptions from the look and feel of someone’s site. They trust that view and that would be the key to any type of community blogging initiative that takes place, ensuring that the edge that we have is still believed. That’s all I’ve got in terms of that. Everyone from last night can chime in and let me know if I’m crazy.

This could be the potential beginning of having a focus on the ever growing blogging community in town. An idea suggested was to highlight blogs in our region in the paper and online. It would be great to see happen, as it would not only assist in additional readership of the blogs, but it would help people see that we’re people too. Cheesy I know, but needed.


The Chicago series begins late this afternoon. Stay tuned.


Check out the Combloggerator to see some of the other blogs in town. Click on the  link to view some from the state.

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