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More pictures from the “American Idol” finale WorkPlay event and a return (somewhat) to normalcy in town

Today was the day after

It was an impressive day by any stretch of the imagination for the city of Birmingham, AL. They can now claim, with little argument from anyone else, that this is the place where American Idols are born. Last night, people turned out in force to celebrate Taylor Hicks’ victory across the city. As I stated earlier today, I was at WorkPlay enjoying the sounds of the Little Memphis Blues Orchestra, Hicks’ band, at one of the after parties benefitting a favorite charity of the singer, the Studio by the Tracks. For those that may be interested in seeing them live, check out the previous link for upcoming concert dates, or how about coming out and seeing them here in the Magic City. They are currently scheduled to play the Birmingham News/ Homegrown Stage at this year’s City Stages music festival in Birmingham, AL on Father’s Day weekend! There are tons of exceptional bands playing the Homegrown Stage, including LMBO, the Chad Fisher Group and many more. There is a great deal of talent in this city currently, on many levels, and it would be great to have others come to see it or become part of it.

I have completed uploading the remaining images from last night. Click here to get to the photoblog to check them out.

Somehow, that news was in fact able to be overshadowed with word that Birmingham based banks Amsouth and Regions Bank were preparing to announce their long rumored “merger of equals.” Due to the fact that I’ve been swamped for much of the day, and exhausted after enjoying the band last night, I’ll invite you to click here to check out Wade Kwon’s account of the day’s biggest story. He was covering this Taylor Hicks thing long before I did, so check out his stories on that as well. He’s been quite helpful with this, as are some other guys that I’m hoping will be returning to the blogroll on the side of the page later on this evening.

I will also post the Random Shots photo of the week tomorrow. If you’re visiting the blog for the first time, I’d check out the Shots. I hope it gives a glimpse of some of the things that go on around here. At least the tip of the iceberg.

This morning a presentation was made about what Entrepreneurial Center President Susan Matlock is calling the Innovation Depot. The facility will be housed in a building that once housed a Sears on the west Side of downtown Birmingham. A photo of the building will be added tomorrow. The building is being viewed as a catalyst of development of a technology corridor in the region, serving not just traditional technology companies, but those biomedical technology companies that benefit from the existence of a UAB in the city. It will benefit from the construction of the Railroad Reservation Park and will hopefully serve as a much needed spark for the area, adding to investments already being made in properties by people willing to take a chance. Taking a chance sometimes pays off, doesn’t it? We all know of one person who did recently…


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