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The day after the “Idol” party: A lotta fun going on in the city

I had to forego getting the remaining pictures up on the site. Duty calls and I had a meeting to attend this morning. For those that want to see the images that I’ve posted so far from last night, click here and look for the Idol finale pictures. More will be posted later on today. And check out last night’s attempt at the live blog. Thanks to Kelly Marshall and the guys at Workplay. The Little Memphis Blues Orchestra was incredible and a great cause benefited.

Just saw Hicks’ interview on the local Fox affiliate. The first thing he did was thank the people of Birmingham and Hoover for voting for him. He aslo said that Birmingham’s “… a great talent bed for music.”

Why have I posted about him so much recently… He’s a class act, representing the talent and energy of the young people of the region. I have a feeling that while this morning’s meeting is scheduled to focus on our new Entrepreneurial Center, some of it will be shifted to our new ambassador for the city.

Before I run out the door, I just heard that Regions Bank and Amsouth are scheduled to announce that they are merging today! The new bank will be called Regions Financial. I’ll post a link to more information later on.

All kinds of fun stuff, and hopefully this afternoon we’ll get a chance to take it all in.

I’ll see you this afternoon,


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