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The Friday Ramble: Summer’s here, so’s decision time for BSC, but some of our buses may not be for long

D-Day for athletics at BSC

Sometime this afternoon, the city will know the decision of the Birmingham Southern College Board of Trustees with regards to its athletics program. This has become an issue fought daily on the pages of the sports and opinion sections… for a decision effecting the day-to-day operations of a private institution (not like I haven’t weighed in myself). The decision is one that will affect the short term future of the college’s athletics program and not necessarily the college itself. I’ve already posted much more than I thought I would on the topic, with a link included in this post to the original post I made on the topic. A post made later that day is available via this link. I guess we’ll see what happens…

You can go to the market…

Yes, it’s hot outside. I’m getting tired of putting this knee up and not going anywhere. Maybe it’s time to get out to Pepper Place tomorrow and enjoy the beginning of summer by purchasing fresh organic produce courtesy of the Pepper Place Farmer’s Market. The weekly event held in the parking lot of the former bottling factory runs through the end of September, with its sister market in Linn Park beginning in June and running into late August (it’s mentioned in the previous link as well). The Pepper Place activities have also been a factor in encouraging other groups to have events around town, including one held on the campus of East Lake United Methodist Church on Saturdays. I’ll let you know of the starting date for that location when it becomes available.

… Or grow it yourself

One of the biggest proponents of this organic food movement in Birmingham is Jones Valley Urban Farm (JVUF). JVUF is a non profit organization promoting locally produced, organically grown food. They already have already established four organic gardens throughout the city; now they are embarking on yet another initiative, bringing gardening back to the downtown area. I say bring back because there was a garden as part of the former Metropolitan Gardens housing development before it was replaced by the Park Place HOPE VI complex (still in progress). Click here to learn some more about the Gardens of Park Place and of how you can help them with it. The activity, education and positive results that these efforts and others like it throughout the region bring to our community are incredible, showing a hope for the future of the region to avoid EPA problems of old.

One quick note about TRANSIT…

It seems as though the win by our boy Taylor Hicks bumped the issue of transit to the inside of the paper yesterday. Click here to read this story and let me know what you think about this by posting a comment to the blog. I hope this leads to some good conversation.

Enjoy the weekend,


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