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101 in 1001? It should be fun

One of the links sitting on the right side of this page will take you to an interesting exercise on my part. Dre's 101 in 1001 is explained on the page, but it's simple, at least my interpretation of it. Say you'll do these things in a certain period of time. Set some insane goals. Maybe even do more than what you think you will. The scary part is putting it all out on the web for people to look at, criticize and judge the activities. They are also serving as the audience watching you make your best attempt.

I start my attempt at completing this list tomorrow. Bets find a great deal of humor in this as it is April Fool's Day. Maybe that makes it more appropriate than anything else. Some of them are things that I've always wanted to do; others a little bit outside of the comfort zone. The weird thing is that this list is an excuse to be more aggressive in doing tasks. At one point it was "I don't care about the consequences, let's just get it done." Nowadays it's become "Well, I"m not sure I should do this, I don't want to offend anyone." Neither mindset is necessarily considered healthy, though a happy medium is always good. I guess that's why the list is up here. Look it over, and then watch me try to complete it all before my brother's birthday in 2008. And I'm going to have fun doing it too.
More later.


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