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Tag: Verizon Wireless

Being truly mobile: a test

The test subject - Verizon USB727 modemSince I last posted regularly to this site, I’ve become what is essentially considered a web worker (most of my friends from college may find it surprising, but not by much). The idea of mobility and access have become central themes in my daily life. I normally plan where I go and what I do around access to a wireless signal and how comfortable it will be to work from that location. As a result I’ve become a regular fixture in several area coffee houses and occasionally even an area music venue or two.

Those that know me also know that I’m a late adopter on many things, despite my constant tracking of new trends in networking and communication on the human scale (I just loaded Skype onto my new laptop – the account’s been active for at least two years). So when I was offered the opportunity to test out a Verizon Wireless USB727 modem through a presenting sponsorship for The Terminal’s Anniversary Party in mid March, I was a little nervous. Partially because I wasn’t sure if I’d like being that connected or if I’d be disappointed in the level of access. The results were very interesting (and fun).