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Month: April 2008

Web 2.0 makes it easier to reach out

I consider Alice one of my best friends. I first met her in Savannah nearly 16 years ago when both of us were students in SCAD‘s Rising Star program. Both of us started at college there and both of us ended up taking slightly different paths. When we first met, we kept in touch that following school year not by phone, but through letter writing. The result was a collection of letters that still give a snapshot of how much fun it was trying to figure out where to go to school and what else was going on. Now, we just catch each other on Facebook while she’s getting her second masters at Florida State… Ah, the joy of Web 2.0.

When she first moved to Jacksonville after living up in Columbia, SC, I’d head on down and hang out for the weekend as a way to escape the rat race that was “try surviving in Savannah.” Considering that I now live in Birmingham and that drive isn’t as simple to get to Tallahassee (much less Jacksonville) it’s a lot to even think about driving (forget the cost of the trip in gas money); not to mention the fact it had become harder to catch up by phone. Enter Facebook.

Being truly mobile: a test

The test subject - Verizon USB727 modemSince I last posted regularly to this site, I’ve become what is essentially considered a web worker (most of my friends from college may find it surprising, but not by much). The idea of mobility and access have become central themes in my daily life. I normally plan where I go and what I do around access to a wireless signal and how comfortable it will be to work from that location. As a result I’ve become a regular fixture in several area coffee houses and occasionally even an area music venue or two.

Those that know me also know that I’m a late adopter on many things, despite my constant tracking of new trends in networking and communication on the human scale (I just loaded Skype onto my new laptop – the account’s been active for at least two years). So when I was offered the opportunity to test out a Verizon Wireless USB727 modem through a presenting sponsorship for The Terminal’s Anniversary Party in mid March, I was a little nervous. Partially because I wasn’t sure if I’d like being that connected or if I’d be disappointed in the level of access. The results were very interesting (and fun).