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A rant about online rants — and when we should

I’m not sure exactly what set me off this evening. It could be all of the research I’ve been doing recently about college athletics because of the presentation and subsequent posts I’ve created pertaining to football recently. It may be the #BrianWilliamsMisremembers hashtag making its way around social web these past 24+ hours (with this interview with the pilot of the helicopter just hitting the Poynter website as I’m about to hit publish). It could be I had too much caffeine today (which is also entirely possible).

The result was a Twitter rant — about all of the ongoing ranting.

I only hope when we’re supposedly to really get upset that the same vigor shows itself among the digitally active. It’d be a shame to not have that level of passion when the stakes are actually significant (though what that may be differs from person to person; for me, it’s affordable education and accessibility). It’s not as though it doesn’t happen either; I just wish it did more often for things that truly mean something other than another excuse to attempt to show moral superiority.

We can hope — and I can step away from the laptop and go watch some basketball too. I think I might do that right now…


NOTE: When I say RTE up there, it’s from my brief stint contributing to Regret the Error at Poynter in 2013.

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