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Laptop stolen; keep your eyes open

For those of you that I’m not connected to via Twitter or Facebook, my home was burglarized early yesterday (Thursday) evening. They took a television set, a black iPod Classic, a pair of SkullCandy earbuds, a 20″ LCD computer monitor and my white HP Pavilion dv4-2045dx laptop.

The NEW new laptop from the back. acnatta/FlickrThe rest of the items would be nice to get back, but the laptop is what’s most important to me considering that there were personal photos and videos on it as well as most of The Terminal‘s management files (which sucks since a redesign was almost finished – but stored on the laptop).

We are still a one-car home so I can’t go out and canvas the city to look for it, but figured I could get your help if possible.

It’s got a pretty unique sticker combination on it, including a black Gapers Block sticker (from Chicago) located just above the glowing HP logo on the back of the laptop as well as a Mail Chimp sticker, a blue footprint, a Socrata logo and a round blue sticker with a white letter “G” in the middle that looks a lot like Gravatar‘s logo (because it is). There’s also a Scott Thigpen sticker.

I live in the Norwood neighborhood so I’m hoping that it hasn’t wandered that far away, though you can’t really be sure anymore. If the machine is turned on it defaults to log in as myself, meaning that you’ll see a rather large photo of Boomer as the background image.

While one of Birmingham’s finest came by and filed a police report, I was told that a tech would not be coming to look at the window in question or the freezer that they decided to look through – leading me to ask all of you to help spread the word about the laptop. Tweet, share, send smoke signals – whatever works…

I’m working some other fronts in terms of tracking down its location but thought it wouldn’t hurt to go this route too. It’s crazy enough to think that I’ve got to find some way to purchase my fourth laptop in 3 1/2 years.


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Andre Natta
Andre Natta

This is a response to a comment made by someone calling themselves Muahami, using an IP address traced by to a business located in downtown Birmingham, AL:

"Sounds like you learned a valuable lesson on:

1) Passwords, are useless if you automatically log into the system
2) Off-site backups, would at least have gotten your work back"

Actually, most of the files were backed up. I do it weekly. Passwords are quite helpful if it means you can track them by IP address (or other methods that may or may not be available right now).Maybe you may want to think about what you say and if you should be using a real email address to make your comments, especially since I'll be deleting it after a few folks see it. :) I'll copy the comment to mine though so folks know why I'm commenting the way I am... Plus it is nice to know where you're commenting from too - which I do :)