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Hope springs eternal

NOTE: I’ve been going through the archives of the site in recent weeks because I’m determined to finally shift all of the traffic here from the site. One of the added benefits is finding blog posts that for one reason or another never got published. I figured it would be a great way to play catch up. This one’s originally from October 2008.

Recently I’ve been thinking about what helps me realize that everything will be OK

Spring bloom. vieux bandit/FlickrI’ve been a little quiet since “returning” to the idea of writing a personal blog. It’s probably because I’ve been trying to convince myself that hope springs eternal but that common sense must take over at some point.

For example, hope is thinking that one day you won’t have to ride the bus to work and you can enjoy the riches that you’ve accumulated. The thought enters your mind as you’re standing at the bus stop in the cold weather waiting for a bus to pick you up to take you to a job that may make that hope hard to maintain on a consistent basis.

Hope is assuming that your city is taking steps forward despite signs that it wants to take steps backwards. This thought entered my mind today as I realized that I was angry that I couldn’t watch the regularly scheduled City Council meeting on the computer today (after realizing that I wouldn’t have been able to watch it in real time from home at all about 3 months ago) while trying to listen to the fight brewing over a critical city budget. It also had me thinking that perhaps reelection campaigns are starting a little early in some observers minds, even if the intentions are sincere.

Hope is thinking that you’ll look back on the early days of a new business thankful that you didn’t give up and seeing the effects of sticking to your guns – while you look at the bank account and wonder just how you’re ever going to catch up with those bills and if taking that job out of town and cutting your losses would be the better part of valor.

But hope is also sitting in a courtyard back on the coast thinking of how easy things will be once you get older and you take a chance. You remember that when you’re sitting on a rooftop deck looking out over a city you’ve grown to love thinking back to when life was so much easier…

Ironic isn’t it. We look to our future with an ever present optimism and the thought that things will be better. We are just as willing to look back and think about the good old days as being ideal and the current battle being fought in our lives as the last great challenge before it all gets better.

It’s a delicate balancing act that all of us engage in, one that leads to discussions about preservation versus demolition, rumors, tidbits and pontificating about just how it will all get better while hoping that we’ll be able to separate the wheat from the chaff and actually recognize what’s important.

It’s difficult to become comfortable in your skin and even tougher to do so when you are still trying to figure it all out. Luckily we get a reminder every once in a while that everything will be OK. I’ve had a few that I’ll share in the coming days…

How about you?

What let’s you know that in the end everything will be OK?

Looking forward to your responses.


Photo: Spring bloom. vieux bandit/Flickr

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