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UPDATED: A way to help a young boy (and others)

UPDATE: I got an email from David Griner with some good news:

Collection center says “we’re good on platelets for Reagan, but call back next week and we’ll let you know if we need more.”

Thanks everybody and don’t forget to check back in!

The redesign of this site has taken a back seat in recent weeks to other more pressing issues. The hope is that I can take advantage of the pending Saturday morning snow fall (no, I’m not joking) to finish the necessary updates by the beginning of next week. I’m hoping you like what it looks like. In the meantime, if you live in metro Birmingham (or even if you don’t) I’ve got a request for you…

I got an email from my church‘s senior pastor late last night. He was providing an update to the congregation about Reagan Keith, the grandson of two members of our congregation, who’s been battling leukemia and what’s been going on with regards to a recent bone marrow transplant.

The situation:

This is the Day to Donate Blood. Wesley Fryer/FlickrThere is currently a platelet shortage in metro Birmingham which becomes an issue due to the frequency with which platelet transfusions are needed in this particular case.

While there are other efforts underway to deal with this, I’d like to ask you to consider one specific option:

Birmingham’s American Red Cross Blood Services office is located south of downtown (directions) and it’s set up to collect platelets from anyone who wishes to become a direct platelet donor for Reagan.

If you call 888.905.3344 and tell them you want to donate platelets for Reagan Keith they will schedule an appointment. Here are a few things you may want to know:

  • Platelet donations take anywhere from 2-3 hours (probably closer to 3 for a first time donor).
  • You may want to take your iPod – you can’t read books, but they do have TVs.
  • Platelet donations are only viable for 5 days after collection. If more platelets are donated than Reagan needs, they will certainly be used where most needed.
  • You can actually donate platelets every 7 days.

I’d appreciate it if those who read this could get the word out to as many people as possible so that we can help not just Reagan, but all of those that are in need in this way during this holiday season. If you don’t live in the metro Birmingham area, consider finding out where your local blood services center is and doing your part to help those in your community.

Think of it as a way of giving thanks by your actions.


Photo: This is the day to donate blood. Wesley Fryer/Flickr

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