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Helping to Keep Louisville weird and smooth

I’m taking a break from driving back home after presenting at the National Trust Main Streets Conference this week in Chicago. Being in Chicago was a lot of fun, and the fact that my presentations went fairly well is great.  but the drive between The Windy City and home is a lot of fun as well (save for the spin out I experienced on the way up to Chicago).

Derby City EspressoI figured that I would take a break and find a local coffee shop to plug in and stretch my legs at. I found the Derby City Espresso. The owner, Matthew Landan, has lived an interesting life to say the least – a quick look at the blog he contributes to for the online edition of Louisville’s Courier-Journal, Velocity, tells you that. The recent interview in Louisville’s edition of Metromix fills in the blanks. And I’m in agreement with those positive reviews on Yelp! too.

The space itself is really eclectic, comfortable and fun. An artist is hanging her work while I bang away at the keyboard while Matthew stands behind the bar dishing out advice to a young couple talking about a planned move to Oregon. The words that he shared with them were necessary to hear being so close to The Terminal‘s second anniversary. The coffee shop’s about to turn 2 in April and he’s loving every minute of it, even if it’s not necessarily raking in the cash. Satisfaction is an important feeling to experience from time to time. The ability to be “smooth” in your own skin in a nice one to enjoy as well.

When I finally get a chance to spend a day in Louisville later on to completely fulfill my 101 in 1001 accomplishment, I’ve got a feeling that there will have to be another stop in to see how things are going and maybe I’ll take a chance to pick his brain.


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