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Sometimes you have to slow it down…

I’m sitting here through yet another day of not really wanting to run the air conditioner during “business hours” in an effort to save money. I figured since I wasn’t going to be able to get through to the Firefox site to download the newest version of the software I’d wander around the blogosphere and see what I could find about Birmingham today. I ended up stumbling across a piece that reminded me of a slightly more peaceful time and made me begin to wonder about a lot of things.

The post talked about a visit made to our fair city recent by a man named Stefan and about the hospitality and peace that he found while here. Once I figured out who he’d spent his time with, I really wasn’t surprised with his comments, though there are others who may be. It seems appropriate that Sharron would end up working for a religious institution and help others gain a better understanding and comfort, being as welcoming as ever.

Sharron was one of the first people I met when I finally moved to Birmingham; she was someone I thought of when I was originally conceiving the It’s Nice to Have You in Birmingham series that we still haven’t been able to start up on The Terminal – someone who makes a difference in their own unique way.

Andre and Sharron post 2005 Homewood Retro 5KReading the entry reminded me of the first time we ever sat and practiced mindfulness meditation together on Martin Luther King Day in 2005; of the first time that we had more than 4 people show up for the Firefly Sangha; of an eventful and memorable adventure to Chicago; of a rather crazy experience running (see the image to your left); of the last time I got a chance to make an attempt to go before I started on this journey to write for fun and see where it led.

We haven’t talked much since then. I ran into her occasionally at our local Whole Foods while she was there, though the conversations would last only a few seconds. I still find myself at least attempting to sit in silence on Monday evenings, trying to disconnect from the digital world that’s enveloped me. As I’ve said earlier this year, this new technology has helped keep be in better contact with long time friends. This same technology though can provide an unfortunate barrier that keeps people from talking (at least not enough).

Maybe one day when all of this craziness slows down, I’ll get a chance to drive on out and see how things are going. You don’t have to wait for me though; just head out there on a Monday (it no longer meets, though there are other options available to you around town) if you want to slow it down and be aware (even if only for a little bit).

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How funny! That's the meditation class I've been taking for the last couple of months over here at UAB. :)