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Neon in B’ham: One place to find produce in Birmingham


There are some that only know of the farmers market held in the parking lot of Pepper Place during the summer.  Then there are those that make the trek out to see what else may be available.

The Jefferson County Farmer’s Market is located one block off of Finley Avenue in Birmingham’s northwest section. It is one of several markets found throughout the state. The site is open seven days a week and serves as a great location for those in the know that seek farm fresh produce throughout the year. It’s also a great place to go for that last minute Christmas tree purchase (similar to what we did yesterday). It would be cool to see the sign fully functional again. It also appears that the land surrounding the market is available for other opportunities.

Click here to go to the main page for the series, which includes a link to the Smugmug photoset. Click here to view the set currnetly on Flickr.

Enjoy the day.


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