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The crazy week for arts and culture continues: Jambor resigns from Sidewalk and Reg says thanks

One figure takes a step back…

Let’s recap shall we… we’ve already talked about the demise of the X at 100.5 earlier this week for a sports talk station. If you didn’t keep up with the City Stages stuff on Tuesday night, click here and then here. I’m still waiting for a great excuse to post my Shula rant, though it’s becoming somewhat moot now.

Then this evening I get a text message from a certain blogger. It was a simple note; “Jambor resigns as director of Sidewalk film fest.”

UPDATE: Wade has more information about the actual announcement on his site.

Still not sure what to make of it I decided to check out both Sidewalk websites, the non-profit and the festival’s sites, and look at the staff pages. Jambor’s name was not on either of the pages.

I dug a little deeper and visited the world of MySpace. Two clicks later, I felt confident enough to be able to lead this post off with this story. Erik Jambor is one of the best examples of our young professionals and the type of work and accolades that they are able to produce for our (and their) city. The added bonus of Jambor being from metro Birmingham should give hope to those that think that the system is completely broken. Improvements like the ones seen at this morning’s ribbon cutting at Woodlawn High School are only the beginning of things to come in the area. Erik will be alright. Sidewalk should hopefully survive as well. The questions on many of our minds will be answered soon.

…Another says thanks for the support

I hope that Reg doesn’t mind that I repost this. I found it on his MySpace page this evening as well and felt that those that are fans would want to read this message from him. For those not familiar with Reg’s Coffeehouse, the show originated here in Birmingham, Alabama on the X at 100.5, which ceased broadcasting yesterday afternoon.

Here’s his message:

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Reg’s Coffee House Listeners Rule!

I just wanted to thank everyone for all the amazing notes and well wishes about the show. While I will miss The X, my 10 years there were filled with incredible memories and experiences and I have no regrets. Several stations have contacted me about moving the show to a new home so hopefully we will have all of that worked out soon. Keep an eye on this site and in the meantime.

Reg’s Coffee House has always been about the listeners and the artists. I am just the luck one who got to connect them. I am humbled greatly by all of the amazing emails and notes and I can’t thank you all enough. YOU are Reg’s Coffee House and I appreciate you more than you could possibly know. I hope to be back on the air soon giving you what you have come to expect on Sunday AM over the past 10 years. Change is good and I believe this change will make the show even better.


We can’t thank you enough…either of you, for making living in Birmingham that much better.

Enjoy the day.


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