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Random Shots: Halloween 2006

Since this is the day after Halloween, and since we’ve been almost too serious here recently, it’s probably time to look back at Halloween and see just how crazy things can get.

We’ll save you from suffering through suspense. Bets and I decided to go out and enjoy the excitement. The initial result: Metro Bistro’s owner Jeff Baker (yes, it was a stretch) and Three’s Company’s Mrs. Roper.


Of course the bar staff had other ideas for me…

Then again, they were having a lot of fun without trying to get me to change costumes.


So they finally convinced me to change costumes midway through the evening, becoming Parliament Funkadelic’s George Clinton.


It just may keep me from pursuing any political office ever (note I’m not really bothered by that). But it was so much fun, it was worth it.

Some of the other regulars ventured outside to watch the festivities along 2nd Avenue North, something that has been a Birmingham tradition for years, its own version of the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade. Not to say that they were not a spectacle in their own right:


But it was a little scarier to watch the ghouls, goblins and what not scare unsuspecting (and suspecting) passersby as the night went on.


We also got to meet some interesting characters over the course of the evening.


Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed your All Hallow’s Eve. It was definitely interesting around here. And if someone like this comes up to your car…


See if they’ll get the next round or if they’ll pay for dinner; it could lead to a very interesting conversation 🙂

Enjoy the day.




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