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Good news all around in the Magic City’s cultural institutions


Last night Wade and I attended the opening of the ScienceWorks exhibition at the McWane Center. The center has made several moves in recent months to increase the visitor experience and add to the mix of cultural amenities available to us here in the Magic City. Some of these plans have been written about on this site in recent months, including this one.

The exhibit, well, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves about how much fun the exhibit will be. I’ll have some up with captions later on in the evening on Flickr. (Note: I should also have some of the Neon in Birmingham series available there as well late this evening.


Yesterday the Birmingham Zoo learned that it has been reaccredited, making it one of the few zoological institutions in the nation recognized with accreditation by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums, adding to the fun for the area’s cultural institutions. The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute will be enjoying their next installment of sixteenth & sixth (which we’ve spoken about before as well here) and it’s only a few days away from both Vulcan After Tunes and the last installment of Art on the Rocks.

We wrote about the good things going on with all of these institutions during the Vulcan Talks series earlier this year; seems like people are getting a chance to see just what it’s like when everything’s going on – it becomes a challenge to decide what to do, much in the way that decisions about how people in town, whether young or old, will give of themselves, either financially or physically to others in the region that need that assistance. The Birmingham News had an excellent article about it today (below the fold unfortunately) about the challenge it presents to young professionals and the organizations that want them to assist.

Nonprofits target younger donors, The Birmingham News, October 11, 2006

All of these events mentioned previously, not to mention the countless others that are currently being conceived and hatched now, are prime examples of how it’s getting done right now. We’ll see what the long term results of this trend are. It’s doubtful that everyone will ever hop on the web 2.0 bandwagon, but that just means that they may be able to be ahead of the curve for the next big thing.

More later.


P.S. Seems like several people have been enjoying seeing the quote at the end of the Jaycees post from Monday. I hope that people will take it to heart in the coming days and months.

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