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The Ticker: Ready for a ghoulish time in the Magic City?

Having experienced Halloween in New York and Savannah, I figured that I would be giving up the larger celebrations when I moved here. This was especially true after having lived in Savannah. Having an art school nearby normally drove the level of creativity during the month of October to new heights. I can remember the plate of food, the missing child boxes, things that didn’t normally fit in an elevator.

I’ve learned that it’s just as spirited in the Magic City during the month of October. There are several opportunities to go out and get scared in time for Halloween. Here are a few examples of just what’s available.

jaycees-haunted.jpgThe Birmingham Jaycees
Misfit Manor

Opening October 6
Admission: $5

The haunted house in Lakeview is back, as first mentioned in mid August, with some “old faithful” monsters as well as some new tricks, according to the organizations PR director for the project. The monsters only receive dinner as payment for providing scares and thrills to attendees and proceeds go towards the local chapter’s community service activities (which I’m always excited about).

batz_logo.jpgThe Birmingham Zoo
Boo at the Zoo

Beginning October 20
Admission: $7

The 15th annual event allows for members and non-members alike to trick or treat in safe zones organized by area non-profits and child centered businesses. There are rides available for the children (on board a haunted train and carousel, among other things to satisfy little goblins or larger monsters. You may also want to pay attention to their Symphony Spooktacular, (10.29, 2:30 p.m.) as the Alabama Symphony Orchestra performs (weather permitting). Free admission that day too (except if you want to go Boo at the Zoo).

logo.jpgSloss Furnaces
Sloss Fright Furnace

Opening October 5
Admission: $15

The site provides a history of Sloss’ haunted past (some of the stories are ones that Bets and I heard recently during the day of discovery this summer). One of the larger operations in the city, though at a certain level the site itself at night can provide all the spookiness one needs to get in the Halloween spirit.

atroxlogo.jpgAtrox Factory
Leeds, AL
Opening October 6
Admission: $13

I’m going to let the site speak for itself, just because it can. It’s another great haunted site in town.

For those that don’t think that this is enough to keep you scared and spooked during the month of October, here’s a link to some other sites courtesy of Google. If there are others that we have yet to mention, share with the rest of us.

It’s an interesting week here in town, and there’s more to come in the next few days. Hopefully it will slow down enough to cover most of it for you.

Enjoy the day.


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