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More info about Saturday’s Village Creek Clean-up

Click on the image below to view a PDF containing information about Saturday’s clean-up event at Village Creek in Ensley. We mentioned it in this morning’s post.


Look forward to seeing some of you out there on Saturday, September 30. There will be some members of the Catalyst Parks and Greenspace committee at the event as well (previously mentioned here) participating in the clean-up as they work towards keeping the pillars active in addition to the partnership announced with City Stages we mentioned in this morning’s post. This will be the Village Creek Society’s first ever clean up in the area as they work with other partners towards developing a greenway system. It will be part of the Renew Our Rivers program. Let’s see if we can make it memorable for them.

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  1. […] Just figured you’d be interested in seeing a couple of the images I have from this morning’s clean up effort in Ensley. We posted the general info for the event yesterday. There are images from the event up on both the Flickr and Smugmug accounts. […]