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Sidewalk 2006: That’s a wrap!


The filmmakers have gone home, but the memories remain. Yes, that’s probably one of the cheesiest  lines I’ve ever used on this blog, but the festival provided an escape from the problems of the world, even if only for the weekend. There were also some hidden gems exposed during the weekend, even if they were already known and recognized by some in town.

The Lyric Theater opened its doors to the public during the weekend, allowing people to see the before of an estimated $11 million renovation of the 1915 entertainment palace. It also means that in a few years, there will be another beautiful venue for the festival.

Wild Sweet Orange had an excellent set at Speakeasy 1920. They then played a second impromptu set in front of the space next door for those under 21 that came to hear them play their original set (Patrons under 21 are not allowed in the venue). This definitely upset the band playing the next scheduled set in the bar, a band that made the trip in from Vancouver, British Columbia. Wild Sweet Orange‘s fans, on the other hand, were grateful for the “love” shown by the band to their under 21 crowd. Some images from the festival are available in this photoset.

Overall, another excellent festival, one of several over the weekend, in the Magic City.

We’ll continue the NYC series tomorrow. Enjoy the day.


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