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So what else is going on in the Magic City during Sidewalk?


There are other things going on this evening in Birmingham. There’s still time to catch the We Love West End Day festivities at Germania Park (Pearson Avenue and 30th Street, SW) in western Birmingham. Tek Neek Band is headlining. These first two are images of dance and step teams performing earlier in the day at the festival.


It was also a great time for one of my merchants associations to make an appearance, though due to the non-arrival of the association president, I suddenly went from heading to the one movie I wanted to see at Sidewalk besides Heaven’s Fall (10 MPH) to returning to Germania Park early to retrieve a tent, effectively killing any attempt at seeing movies during the festival and visiting the Greek Food Festival as I had planned to. But their treasurer, Samuel Banks of Sammy’s Auto Clinic, was there for the beginning of the event handing out fliers and directories.


For those that don’t feel like traveling across town, there’s always the Taste of 4th Avenue Jazz Festival this evening.

It was also a great day out in West End as Spivey’s Hobby Store reopened after several months of inactivity. At first glance yesterday it looked as it had before.


A closer look revealed everything I needed to know,


Until now, the store had been closed while renovations to its current space were being completed. This was because of a fire to Mr. Spivey’s previous store, a converted theater on Tuscaloosa Avenue, last June. Speaking with Mr. Spivey’s wife today, he wants to return to work soon. The store will currently be open on Saturdays, with additional days added when possible. I already saw a few things that I wouldn’t mind getting for the holidays, but then again, I miss building models.

For the few minutes that I have been able to visit Sidewalk to date, I was able to catch some of the moments after the end of the Urban Reversi game played downtown earlier today as teams awaited the results of the judges. The prize was tickets to the rest of the festival and passes to tonight’s soiree.

For the record, the black team won.

We’ll see what else we can dig up for later this evening. Of course, there’s always the UAB game tonight at Legion Field starting at 6 if you don’t like this whole indie film thing…

Enjoy the day.


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