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Sidewalk 2006: Let’s begin, shall we?


It was a great opening night for Sidewalk.


From the crew representing the Starz! Network shooting footage of the festival for future broadcast



to the large crowds that filled the Alabama Theatre, several things about this year’s opening night were comfortable.


The opening night film, The Sasquatch Dumpling Gang (site link coming soon), was very funny, as was the Q&A with writer/director Tim Skousen and actors Joey Kern and (via cell phone on the set of the newest Diehard film) Justin Long.

There are several other things to write about this weekend, so we’ll keep ‘em short and sweet. I’m off to do my volunteer duty for the festival before I do my duties for the job today. But if you get a chance, check out the Urban Reversi game this morning at the Harbert Center or come down and check out a film or two. We’ll have more on this and other things as the day goes on.

Enjoy the day.


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